The Neighborhood

Located right at the Tyler/Vernon DART rail stop, Tyler Station is nestled in the heart of the diverse community of Oak Cliff.

Surrounding neighborhoods include Elmwood, Polk-Vernon, and Wynnewood North.

Building History

Tyler Station is located in the historic Dixie Wax Paper Company building (click here for some history). Eventually renamed Dixico, the company patented and produced waxed paper and during the 1970s controlled 20% of the flexible packaging market.

Later Delta Industries owned the building. They rebuilt automotive air conditioners.

Monte Anderson and partners purchased the property in 2016.

Tyler Station Founder Monte Anderson

Tyler Station is the latest project of pioneering developer Monte Anderson. Monte reinvented the Belmont Hotel almost 10 years ago. He went on to re-develop large portions of downtown Duncanville. Monte focuses his work on Oak Cliff and southern suburbs.

He’s a life-long Dallas resident who’s becoming known nationally for responsible development. Monte is a founding president of the North Texas chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.